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ECTS Information Package

Message from the Rector

Distinguished Academicians and Dear Students,

The most important necessities of the 21st century are not only knowledge, skill and culture but also imagination, creativity and innovation. Hence the key to the future is education, now more than ever.

Education is not just a linear process that shapes our future. It is also the improvement of our abilities to make best of today and create better tomorrows.

Built on a dynamic, contemporary and democratic foundation of human relations, Istanbul Arel University treats its students as a creative part of the education process rather than mere participants.

To raise individuals who are able to express themselves freely, who have the ability to show a critical approach to every situation they encounter and who can not only form their own opinions but can also voice them are among the institutional objectives of Istanbul Arel University.

In the student centred education system adopted by Istanbul Arel University, the aim is not only the knowledge and skill acquisition of the students but also the improvement of their humanitarian values and social attributes such as critical thinking, imagination, emotional sensitivity etc. Comprehending thoughts and feelings, and expressing them freely, communicating with others and showing empathy towards them, approaching new situations with a positive attitude are the social acquisitions that Istanbul Arel University places great importance upon. These acquisitions have been much more needed in both private and business life. Those having an improved emotional and social intelligence have proven to rise to higher positions in an institution.

Thus, the establishment of new social bonds is as significant as our students’ academic successes. Here at Istanbul Arel University, we have an academe where joint working groups are encouraged, constructive collaborations are established, scientific and social novelties are shared in a just and amicable manner. 

Within this scope, at the centre of Istanbul Arel University’s educational philosophy lies the relationship between the students and academicians. Our students, throughout every stage of their education, are encouraged to contribute in scientific, social and cultural fields with the awareness of their fair share in the process.  

Istanbul Arel University aims to raise students who are creative, self-confident and literate, who are able to analyse knowledge and ideas, develop their own ideas and set to work, communicate effectively and work with others in harmony and who are capable of changing the future for the better.

Prof. Dr. İhsan  DERMAN