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Message from the Founder

Mütevelli Heyet Başkanı Özgür GözükaraA Message from the Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Dear Fellow Members of Istanbul Arel University and Prospective Students,

Istanbul Arel University has been founded as the main component of Arel Educational Institutions which are recognised for their excellence in education and raising the awareness of their students.

Istanbul Arel University, which recently celebrated its 10th year anniversary, has made great strides in the field of education and attained its place in Turkish higher education.

The founding purpose of Istanbul Arel University is to conduct education and research activities in accordance with international quality standards and thus raise creative and self-confident individuals who will stand out among the professionals of the world and make connections between the knowledge they gain and the world around them. Within this scope, Istanbul Arel University aims to gain international recognition and become a contemporary university that carries out education, research and community service activities collectively and, since its establishment in 2007, has made great strides towards meeting its aims.

What makes a university unique, alongside its curriculum, is the environment in which students can acquire university culture. Istanbul Arel University has placed great importance on this, supporting the establishment of student clubs thus encouraging its students to become a part of the social and cultural activities held on the campuses.

Scholarships are an important factor in ensuring that higher education is spread throughout every layer of society. Being particularly conscious of this, Istanbul Arel University provides the opportunity for a higher education to successful individuals by supporting more than 8.000 students with a wide variety of scholarships.

Dear Students,

As Istanbul Arel University, our primary aim is to contribute to the development and future of Turkey with our entrepreneurial and innovative structure, visible throughout all the levels of education we have to offer.

As part of our belief that knowledge is the greatest power, we produce projects and publications with our prominent researchers and contribute to converting knowledge into products, in collaboration with the business world.

I extend my gratitude to all members of Istanbul Arel University sharing these goals and would like to welcome our prospective students in receiving a distinguished education in a peaceful environment.


Chairman of the Board of Trustees