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Students Associations

Activities at Istanbul Arel University are carried out by the Student Clubs and Leadership Office which is affiliated with the Department of Health, Culture and Sports. Students Clubs aims to support all of the activities devoted to increasing professional and recreational experiences of university students. It also aims to increase student' development in social, cultural, physical and intellectual areas, assists in their acquisiton of modern, democratic, secular and analyticalthinking habits and dissminates these activities university-wide. Club activities, which are the hearth of campus life, encourage intellectualism, support sophisticated thinking and assist students in establishing beneficial relationships.


Student Clubs and Leadership Office

The Student Clubs and Leadership Office, located on the Tepekent Campus is affiliated with the Department of Health, Culture and Sports and offers students continuous professional support throughout their university life. 


Student Clubs Association

Each club president automatically becomes a is member of the Clubs Association.  The duties of the Association are to activate all of the clubs established at Istanbul Arel University, support the establishment of new clubs, offer consultancy services,  provide university-wide access to activities organized by student clubs, ensure communication between clubs and to conduct studies aimed at developing the students' social, cultural, physical and intellectual activities.


Student Clubs Association Supreme Council

The Student Clubs Association Supreme Council is a committee that ranks above the Student Clubs Association. The Student Clubs Chairmen is responsible for the management of the Supreme Council. In conjunction with competent bodies, the Supreme Council is responsible for financial and administrative auditing of student clubs.


Why Student Clubs?
Many professional believe that individuals who take responsibility in student clubs develop their different skills and experiences that enable them to be more successful  in area  such as relationship development, ability to look at things from different perspectives, teamwork, development of innovative projects and leadership.  These professionals state that student club activities habe a positive impact on educational achievement, abilities, personal goals and adaptation to corporate culture and take student club participation into account during recruitment processes.

2015-2016 Academic Year Sports, Social and Cultural Student Clubs

  1. Atatürkçü Düşünce Kulübü
  2. Arel Marka ve Patent Kulübü
  3. Beslenme ve Diyetetik Kulübü
  4. Biyomedikal Kulübü
  5. Çevre ve Hayvan Dostları Kulübü
  6. Çeviri Kulübü
  7. Demokrasi ve İnsan Hakları Kulübü
  8. Ekonomi ve Finans Kulübü
  9. Endüstri Mühendisliği Kulübü
  10. Engelsiz Yaşam Kulübü
  11. Erasmus Kulübü
  12. Fotoğrafçılık Kulübü
  13. Genç Gelişimciler ve Eğitimciler Kulübü
  14. Gen - Arel Kulübü
  15. İnşaat - Yapı Kulübü
  16. İşçi Sağlığı ve Güvenliği Kulübü
  17. Kalite ve Verimlilik Kulübü
  18. Kent ve Yaşam Kulübü
  19. Lojistik Kulübü
  20. Makine ve Tasarım Kulübü
  21. Medya ve İletişim Kulübü
  22. Moda ve Tasarım Kulübü
  23. Müzik Kulübü
  24. Psikoloji Kulübü
  25. Sağlık Kulübü
  26. Sağlık Yöneticiliği Kulübü
  27. Siyaset Bilimi ve Uluslararası İlişkiler Kulübü
  28. Sosyoloji Kulübü
  29. Sosyal Hizmet ve Yaşam Kulübü
  30. Sosyal Yardımlaşma ve Dayanışma Kulübü
  31. Tiyatro Kulübü
  32. Toplumsal Cinsiyet Çalışmaları Kulübü
  33. Toplumcu Sinema Kulübü
  34. Toplumcu Düşünce Kulübü
  35. Türk Tarih Kulübü
  36. Türk Kızılay Kulübü
  37. Uluslararası Ticaret ve Finans Kulübü
  38. Yeşilay Kulübü

Student Council

The aim of the Presidency of the Student Council is to submit students' issues, requests and complaints to the University Senate and other governing bodies as well as to represent the students in the meetings of these bodies and to organize intra-university and intercollegiate social and cultural activities. The President of the Student Council is a member of the University Senate and attends the meetings of the board of directors on behalf of all of the students of the university.

Student Council Department Representatives elections are done in accordance with the university directive in November under the supervision of at least one of the instructors assigned to each department and according to the principle of secret vote and open counting.

The Student Council holds its meetings in the assigned Council Presidency Room that has computer with internet access, phone and all  necessary technical equipment.