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ECTS Information Package

Student Affairs Office

Student Affairs Office supports education at Arel University by maintaining the integrity of the University’s academic policies, procedures and the student information system.

Student Affairs Office maintains timely and accurate student academic records from the students’ first registration to graduation, and offers professional and informed support for the academic programs of the University.

Student Affairs Office services & operations pertaining to International students and Erasmus students are carried out in cooperation with the University's International Office.

Student Affairs Office carries out the following Responsibilities;

  • New Student Registration
  • Re-Registration
  • Preparing class lists
  • Preparing course schedules
  • Course registrations
  • Preparing midterm and final exam schedules
  • Producing and providing documents for Student Affairs Office services & operations
  • Controlling and archiving of all data and documents related to students
  • Preparing student-related reports
  • Preparing and releasing the Academic Calendar
  • Preparing and releasing student ID cards
  • Preparing and releasing student public transport cards
  • Application procedures for internal transfers
  • Application procedures for Minor program and Double Major program
  • Application procedures for Aptitude Tests
  • Transfer student procedures 
  • Transcript Procedures
  • Preparing Diplomas and Diploma Supplements