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Istanbul Arel University Library aims to support education and research activities at our university, to meet students’ and faculty members’ needs for information in their academic studies and scientific research, and to contribute to improved access to information for the AREL Community. İstanbul Arel University Library endeavors to constantly improve its performance as an active supporter and provider for the University’s effective, modern, innovative and student-centered approach to education, and as an indispensable part of the academic education process based on this approach.

Among the services provided at the university libraries, are list interlibrary services, computing and search guidance, cataloging and classification services, and guidance for ISBN/ISSN numbers for books and periodicals published by academics at the university. The University offers more than 50 databases, 3 trial databases, Off-Campus Access to databases, 10 services including my library account, article request, orientation and user training, and EndNote. Fully digitalized, the library’s continually growing collection of books currently exceeds 50,000. The library subscribs to the most commonlyconsulted major databases covering scientific texts from all fields of academic research. The number of subscribtors to print journals is increasing rapidly. Audio books and many books on CD provide electronic texts for the readers.

There are two main library units on the campuses. The Central Library at the main campus is the largest and provides reading halls and rooms for special interest group meetings as well as private study rooms. Library services can also be accessed via internet by more than 50 PCs located in computing rooms. The second largest library is located at the Sefaköy campus.

There are 10 computer labs containin 300 computers for the use of faculties and schools in our university. Students can in all Academic disciplines use these computer labs free of charge during and outside of classtime. Laboratories used for education and research provide researchers with the opportunity to cunduct a wide range of range of research in every field. There are 25 laboratories and 40 studios that are equipped with advanced technology and that have been developed with technical equipments and environment consistently.

In the language laboratory at İstanbul Arel University Vocational School, students have General English and Vocational English courses. The School of Foreign Languages also organizes German and Spanish courses to add something valuable to students’ intellectual world.

İstanbul Arel University has a sophisticated computer infrustructure. There are more than 300 PCs at different campuses for the use of students and academics with access to local networks and the internet. Internet services provided at the university include e-mail, access to major databases and library collections, and the campus radio. Students can access the Student Affairs Information System to register for courses offered at the faculties and schools. They can also update their individual data and check their grades. Academics may also access the same system to monitor students taking their courses and to enter their evaluations and exam results. In another database, the Personnel Information System, all employees of the university can track their official data. The Information Technologies Department is composed of four units: Helpdesk Unit, Web Unit, System Management Unit, and Network Management Unit.

For Further Information http://www.arel.edu.tr/office-of-information-technologies

At İstanbul Arel University there are many conference and meeting halls of various sizes available for scientific, social and cultural activities. In addition to the halls in the faculties and the vocational school, the halls at Tepekent and Sefaköy campuses also meet the demand of big events. Istanbul Arel University Tepekent Campus conference hall has a capacity of 1000 people and is equipped with a room for interpretation, a barcode vision system, an acclimatization system and advanced technology facilities.

Istanbul Arel University Tepekent Campus contains four exhibition halls each with a capacity of 100 people and four relatively small conference halls; three with a capacity of 100 people and one with a capacity of 200 people. The conference halls, equipped with advanced technology, have hosted several national and international events since the university’s founding.

On the Sefaköy campus, the University has 8 lecture theaters, 40 classrooms, and 2 exhibition centers with a total capacity of 2500 people meeting the demand of both the University and the city. The festival area at the Tepekent Campus, with a capacity of 5000 people, was put into service in the academic year 2007-2008. The festival area, FestiveArel, meets a great deal of demand in vitalizing the social life and organizing spring festivals at the university and has hosted various scientific and cultural events.

The campuses of İstanbul Arel University are located in Sefaköy and Tepekent districts, near the city center. All classrooms are equipped with the latest visual and technological equipment and contain smart boards. There is wireless internet connection throughout the campuses. There are also workshops and laboratories such as:

Computer Laboratories, CAD Laboratories, Sewing Workshop, Electronics Laboratory, Industrial Design Hand Tools Workshops, Industrial Design Model Workshop, Photography Studio, Graphics Design Laboratory, Mould Sewing Workshop, MAC Laboratories, Microprocessor Laboratory, Fashion Design Studio, Translation and Interpretation Laboratory, Psychology Laboratories, Radio Studio, Painting Studio, Smart Class, Simulation Laboratory, Design Studios, Textile Archive, and Textile Printing Workshop.

On campus, football field, swimmingpool, basketball, and volleyball and tennis courts are available for students and personnel use. All buildings are constructed considering handicapped students and personnel. In order to contribute to the development of co-operation with international organizations and the public and private sectors, İstanbul Arel University has established a Continuing Education Center. Furthermore, it established a Distance Education Center, a Career Planning, Application and Research Center, and Psychological Counseling, Guidance, Application and Research Center to contribute to the solution of social problems to promote web-based learning and to support research that is innovative and competitive.