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Language Courses

The need for personnel who know at least one foreign language is increasing everyday. As a result of our industrial, economic and political relations with the rapidly developing and changing world and our efforts to keep up with the technology of the information age, the definition of “qualified” personnel now includes knowledge of a foreign language. The English Preparatory Program at Istanbul Arel University School of Foreign Languages aims to make students love English and assists them in learning the language consciously so that they can use it in their personal and professional lives. At the School of Foreign Languages, the objective is to make sure that our students learn at least one foreign language and to provide them with the mentality that a foreign language is not something that is taught but learnt. There are many different language related educational activities and all students have the opportunity to learn German as well.

During free time students participate in self-access internet studies.

Furthermore, a General and Technical English Program was scheduled for the students of the Civil Aviation Program for the 2012 - 2013 academic year. Eleven students are being trained at the moment. For international students, beginner and intermediate level Turkish courses were scheduled for the 2012 – 2013 academic year. Courses are ongoing and 15 students are currently registered in the program. In addition, the University hosts the Erasmus Club which aims to make their lives of Erasmus students in Istanbul easy and enjoyable. There is a “buddy system” in the Erasmus Club that consists of club members and other international students. The club organizes events and parties, teaches Turkish, arranges ESN Cards and assists the incoming students with any needs that may arise. In addition, the Erasmus Office holds orientation days for new Erasmus students in order to familiarize them with the university and its facilities. The duration of the orientation varies from 1 to 3 days and students are informed about the details of the program well in advance.