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Internship (Work Placement) at Istanbul Arel University

Work placement is an on-the-job training system through which the theoretical knowledge acquired at school is put into practice. Doing a work placemet is one of the most important investments in yourself in the course of your study. During work placement you have the chance to observe and experience on-site what you have been hearing from others about business life. Being an intern means being part of a professional team in a corporate culture. The stronger your sense of team spirit and enthusiasm, the better is your internship experience will be.


Career Planning Research and Application Center (ArelKam) Internship Applications

At the Career Planning Research and Application Center we maintain correspondence with our partner companies during the year. We contact firms beforehand in order to ensure a productive internship for our students and to help them get the most suitable internship placement. We conduct a work placement questionnaire for the students during the mid-term week of each fall term which helps us learn whether the students will find their own internship placement or they want us to find a placement for them. According to the results of the questionnaire, we find placements for students in our partner companies. We also maintain correspondence with the companies and monitor the work placement process during the internship period. According to the demands of the companies, the students who are successful in the work placement process are provided with part-time/full-time job opportunities.

The activities carried out within the framework of Internship Guidance are divided into two categories: On-the-Job Training and Required Work Placement Internship. ArelKam, with approximately 1500 solution partners, carries out activities in order to increase the number of its partners and places the students in partner companies through On-the-Job Training and Required Work Placement Internships. For those students, information meetings about business life are organized. The On-the-Job Training program is for students studying in associate degree programs and is designed to enable the students to put their acquired theoretical knowledge into practice in  business fields related to their course of study. Freshman students are permitted to do internships at least one day a week during the spring term. 

The Required Work Placement Internship is a required program for students studying in undergraduate degree programs and is designed to enable the students to put their acquired theoretical knowledge into practice in business fields related to their department/program. Internship evaluation is conducted by faculty members of the related departments and programs and academic qualification thereof is approved by the related commissions.

Required work placement terms vary depending on the features of each department Students who do not complete internships cannot graduate from the University. ArelKam also posts announcements of part-time paid jobs in partner companies operating in various sectors. Students can directly apply to these companies and participate in the work placement processes in these companies.


Erasmus Internship Mobility

İstanbul Arel University students make use of Erasmus Internship Mobility programme. This programme enables registered university students to receive professional training and/or gain work experience in a company or organization abroad. Internship is the acquisition of applied work experience by the student in the field they are studying. Students wishing to participate in the Erasmus Internship program must apply to the Erasmus Office in the university which has been awarded the extended Erasmus University Charter and must be selected for the internship.

Term of Erasmus internship is between 3 and 12 months for undergraduate, graduate and doctorate students. Students have been able to receive financial support during their internship abroad. The students are not required to repay the grant; however the purpose is not to cover all the expenses of the students but to support them for extra expenses. If students wish, they can be Erasmus internship students without a grant.

Host institutions can be firms, companies, or education and research centers, regardless of their size, economic sector, and status as private or state-owned. The following institutions are not suitable for Erasmus placements: European Union institutions and EU agencies, Institutions implementing EU programs and getting funds in this framework and Turkey’s diplomatic representations in the host country (embassy or consulate).


Internship  at Istanbul Arel University

Duration of internships placement may vary and depends on the nature and characteristics of faculties. Internships vary from 30 days to 90 days.

Faculties Departments Duration (Day)
Faculty of Science and Letters Molecular Biology and Genetics 30
Translation and Interpretation
Mathematics and Computer Science
Faculty of Fine Arts Graphic Design 30
Fashion and Textile Design
Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences

Business Administration

International Trade and Finance
Faculty of Communication Journalism 30
Visual Communication Design
Public Relations and Advertisement
Media and Communication Systems
Radio, Film and Television
Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Computer Engineering 30
Architecture 45
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 45
Industrial Engineering 45
Industrial Product Design 45
Interior Architecture 45
Civil Engineering 45
Mechanical Engineering 45
School of Health Sciences Nutrition and Dietetics 30
Child Development
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Health Care Administration
Social Work
School of Applied Sciences Banking and Finance 30
Accounting and Information Systems
International Logistics and
School of Applied Sciences Tourism and Hotel Management 90