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ECTS Information Package

Facilities for Special Needs Students


Students who request disability support can apply to Disability Support Office, submitting the following documents:

  • Expert report concerning the disability, including this information: diagnosis and diagnosis date; date of the latest medical examination; effects of the disability, including educational limitations; current medical treatment; medications being used; assistive devices and services; duration of the disability and probability of disability progression; suggestions for academic and physical arrangements
  • If any academic or physical arrangements were made for the student in the institutions s/he had previously studied at, a related letter prepared by the institution

Upon evaluation of the application and information provided in these documents, Disability Support Office prepares and carries out a supporting program for the student.

Academic Services
  • Assessment of Needs
    At the beginning of every semester, special needs of the student due to the disability is assessed considering the student’s academic program. An appropriate support program, including academic and physical arrangements, is planned and implemented throughout the semester.
  • Course Selection and Registration
    Support is provided for the student in the course selection and registration process in cooperation with Registrar’s Office and the student’s Advisor.
  • Informing Lecturers
    Upon the student’s request, the student’s lecturers are informed of the disability, its effects, and the related support program, to provide the necessary academic and social support in cooperation with the lecturers.

1. Course Arrangements

  • A peer assistant is assigned to support the student in following the courses and doing the coursework.
  • The student is provided with course materials in forms (vocal or electronic) other than printed when necessary. 
  • Upon the student’s request, lecturers’ course presentations are delivered to the student prior to the classes to provide convenience.

2. Exam Arrangements

  • Giving extra time to the student in the exam when necessary
  • Holding the exam in a separate place for the student when necessary
  • Assigning exam supervisor, reader or writer for the student as required 
  • Alternative assessment methods
Physical Arrangements
  • Physical conditions in Tepekent and Sefakoy campuses are largely suitable for disabled students.
  • All the buildings are designed in such a way that students can go anywhere they want on their own. Buildings include elevators that are large enough to accommodate wheelchairs. Restrooms are large enough to enable easy wheelchair access and mobility.
  • Wheelchair ramps are available within the campuses.
  • University Library provides visual and audio materials and resources for the use of hearing impaired and visually impaired students.
  • Car parks include designated spaces for disabled students.
  • Upon the student’s requests regarding special physical arrangements as necessitated by his/her disability, physical arrangements that are within the bounds of possibility are made within the shortest time in cooperation with related units.