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ECTS Information Package

Cost of Living


Compared to Western European countries living expenses are reasonable in Istanbul taking into account that the cost of living depends partly on your own spending habits. As demonstrated below, 300-400 Euros per month on average is sufficient for a student to cover his/her living expenses.

Expenses (Approximate, Monthly) Min. - Max.(TL) Min. - Max.(Euro)
Private Accommodation (Flats) 300 TL - 800 TL 150 - 350
Student Houses 200 TL - 500 TL 125 - 250
Food 100 TL - 200 TL 90 - 225
Transportation 150 TL - 300 TL 50 - 90
Course Meterials 600 TL - 1.500 TL 20 - 75
Various 6.000 TL - 15.000 TL 75 - 125
Total for 1 month 4.375 TL – 8.750 TL 285 - 865
Total for 10 monht 10.500 TL - 20.400 TL 2.850 - 8.650

There are various forms of public transport available in Istanbul including buses, metrobuses, trams, funiculars, nostalgic trams and ferries. Tickets can be purchased at stands next to every station for an average price of 2 Euro roundtrip. Weekly and monthly passes are also available at discount prices for students. Buses, trams and metro run until midnight and you can travel by metrobus or dolmuş/taxis 24 hours a day. Apart from these, Istanbul Arel University provides its students with free shuttle service to both Sefaköy and Tepekent Campuses. Services to Tepekent campus depart opposite of the Tüyap Istanbul Center.


Besides the University’s student housing, state dorms are available for students. Another option, is for students to rent a house or flat together or individualy.


When it comes to food, there are many excellent and convenient options in İstanbul. Both Sefaköy and Tepekent Campuses offer quality food choices at reasonable prices. The cafes and restaurants around the campuses are also an alternative for dining.