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Diploma Supplement (DS)

Diploma Supplement (DS)

In Istanbul Arel University, Diploma Supplement is being issued in a widely spoken European language (in English), given automatically and free of charge to every student at all levels of education upon graduation. 

Anonymised full examples of two complete, filled-in Diploma Supplements for a First Cycle  (Bachelor's) and a Second Cycle (Master's) Degree Programmes are provided below.


First Cycle

Degree Second Cycle


Information on Diploma Supplement (DS):

What it is Not?

  • It is not a Curriculum Vitae,
  • It is not a diploma or transcript,
  • It is not an automatic system that guarantees recognition.


For students, the DS offers:

  • A diploma that is more readable and easily comparable abroad,
  • A precise description of their academic career and the competencies acquired during the study period,
  • An objective description of their achievements and competencies,
  • Easier access to opportunities of work or further studies abroad,
  • It fosters their employability.


For higher education institutions, the benefits are:

  • It facilitates academic and professional recognition, thus increasing the transparency of qualifications,
  • It protects national/institutional autonomy while offering a common frame which is accepted all over Europe,
  • It promotes informed judgements about qualifications that can be understood in another educational context,
  • It raises the visibility of the institution abroad,
  • It promotes the employability of their graduates at national and international level,
  • It helps to save time since it provides the answers to a lot of recurrent questions put to administrative services in institutions about the content and portability of diplomas.