ECTS Information Package

Health Institutions Administration Programme Associate's Degree, TYYÇ: Level 5, QF-EHEA: Short Cycle, EQF-LLL: Level 5

General Information

(Details of the programme are shown below.)
This department aims to graduate health staff to meet the demands of health sector who has advanced leadership features , adequate knowledge and skills , academic education, who is sensitive to the human rights and patient rights who can coordinate with other health staff aiming the health system to become better. The work fields of grads: . Private and Public Hospitals, . Private Clinics, . Rehabilitation Services, . Social Security Institutions, . Public Health and Service Areas, . Health Education and Organization Areas, . Local Governance Health Care, . Private Health Insurance Companies, . Accreditation Agencies, . International Health Service-Producing Companies, . Social Services Elderly and Patient Care Services, . Biomedical Product Companies, . Medical Institutions Automation Service-Producing Companies, . Health Research and Training Companies, . Administrative Divisions Of Health Tourism Companies, . Oral and Dental Health Centers and Dialysis Units, . Rehabilation (Rehab) Clinics, . Universities and Research Institutes, . Home Care Service Organizations, . Non-Governmental Health Organisations