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Graphic Design Programme Associate's Degree, TYYÇ: Level 5, QF-EHEA: Short Cycle, EQF-LLL: Level 5

General Information

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Together with the industrialization, the education is constantly changing in form and content as a result of developments in technology. With the occupations requiring a complex division of labor, the number of the professions that require a long-term formal training is increasing. The rapid development of the production and the consumption in the society has brought the need of advertising and marketing. This situation has increased the validity of graphic design. Then,the parts of graphic design of the vocational schools have begun to be opened up in order to meet the need for qualified personnel. The constant development of communication technology in the world, the proliferation of the mass media in sort and number have the countries and the cultures got closer. In particular, it enhances the importance of the promotion and the advertising. The present education,formal informal,continues to be effective in all different areas with the qualified agencies and organizations. The graphic art has an importance to provide communication between people . Communication is the reason of existing graphic design. The art of graphic design is a visual communication. Graphic design includes many areas such as multimedia, advertising world, typography, visual media, computers, photography, film industry. The graphic design in Türkiye which is in accordance with the process of globalization has been developing very fast recently both with its higher financial returns and characteristic. The development means that the market has a real growth rate of 10-20% every year. In advertising and promotional service sectors, graphic design has become the essential element of the commercial and artistic designs and an important profession of the world of advertising.