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Department of Sociology Bachelor's Degree, TYYÇ: Level 6, QF-EHEA: First Cycle, EQF-LLL: Level 6

General Information

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Sociology is a social science which observes social facts and events in all their dimensions and tries to develop resolution suggestions for social problems. Turkey is a country which has gradually participated in the global dynamics of the world. In Turkey as well as in the world, the new developing industries have increased their demands of understanding consuming habits, measuring social expectations and improving relationships between the working people and such a situation has turned sociology into a discipline which is needed more than ever before and a more functional scientific area. Sociologists have become the favorite scientists who are asked to provide guidance about various social problems and issues like industrial relationships, consumption, media, gender, ethnicity, identity, crime, political issues, urbanization and religious issues. As the Department of Sociology, our main mission is to train students who have the skill of conducting scientific research with the purpose of understanding and explaining social events and facts as wells as a strong theoretical knowledge and evaluation competence.