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Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Bachelor's Degree, TYYÇ: Level 6, QF-EHEA: First Cycle, EQF-LLL: Level 6

General Information

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Mathematics is a discipline that studies the structure of numbers, figures, abstractions and the relations between these structures. This discipline, which dates back to old times almost as much as the history of humanity, is a common language that improves the skill of reasoning and deciding and underlies all the positive sciences. The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science enables the discipline of mathematics to be studied together with the discipline of computer science which is considered among the professions of the future and is always in a state of development and change. In line with the changes in technology and developments in industry in Turkey as well as in the globalizing world, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science aims at graduating students who can interpret, question, analyse, model and solve the complicated cases of today’s professional and social life having been with mathematics and computer skills. In the first three years of the programme, mathematics and computer lectures are given evenly and the education takes place in smart classes which are equipped with the latest models of computer technology. By this way, the opportunity of learning and practicing the latest technology is supplied for the students. Besides, owing to Istanbul Arel University’s structure that supports interdisciplinary education, the lecturers of Department of Mathematics and Computer Science also give mathematics lectures required by students from other faculties such as Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and Faculty of Engineering and Architecture. On the other hand, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science not only aims at giving education in the fields of mathematics and computer science, but also finds it important to graduating individuals having internalized the cultural values of our country, being respectful to the universal values of environment and humanity and well educated in social domains. For this aim, social and cultural courses and activities are included in our programme. A large number of elective courses in the last two years of the programme provide students with the opportunity to specialize as a mathematician supported by computer science or as a computer operator supported by mathematics.