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Department of Industrial Product Design Bachelor's Degree, TYYÇ: Level 6, QF-EHEA: First Cycle, EQF-LLL: Level 6

General Information

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Industrial design is developing products mentally and designing a new product suitable for production for the end user by considering environmental conditions by paying regard to criterias such as functionality, convenience to appreciation of the target audience and the users' needs. Industrial Design is a profession to establish the relationship between human and objects produced by industrial methods. Designer states the relationship between product and human by all visual, aesthetic and functional values added to this product by himself for the purpose of firstly to provide a comfortable, healthy, safe, communicational relationship during the use of product, secondly bring this product to the consumers who need them. Industrial Design is a professional service done to create and develop concept and definitions, which makes the function, value and appearance of the product and service most suitable, for the mutual benefits of both the user and the manufacturer's.Industrial designers develops these concepts and definitions at the guidance of specific requirements of the customer and manufacturer's through the collected, analyzed and synthesized data.Industrial design department is a department that implements a teaching model which educate designers to be in accordance with market conditions, eco-friendly, unique and entrepreneurial "industrial product designers" by the help of business, statistics and other supporting issues.