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Department of Banking and Finance Bachelor's Degree, TYYÇ: Level 6, QF-EHEA: First Cycle, EQF-LLL: Level 6

General Information

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As the basic pillars of the economy, banking and finance have found their existence together with the history of humanity and increasingly maintain their importance at the present time. The need for the well-educated and competent staff, who have technical skills and ability to practice thus who promptly can focus on competition and result, increases every passing day. Increasing knowledge and competition in the field of Banking and Finance also bring along specialization. From this point forth, the Department of Banking and Finance aims to train students as mid level managers and top executives who can compete globally, who have advanced level of theoretical and applied knowledge in subjects concerning with the field of Banking and Finance, who attach importance to human relations, who follow the current events, who are environmentally-conscious, who are open to new ideas and who can discover the opportunities in time and respond promptly. In the Department of Banking and Finance, we aim to provide our students with theoretical information related to the field of Banking and Finance as well as application-oriented information and skills and knowledge of English language, which is an essential condition of the preparation for global competition; by faculty members and sector representatives who have applied knowledge and skills in the sector.