ECTS Information Package

Business-Management and Organisation Programme (Doctorate) Doctorate Degree, TYYÇ Level: 8, QF-EHEA Level: Third Cycle, EQF-LLL Level: 8

General Information

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This program is for candidates having master's degree in Business Administration (Management and Organization), having an academic career or working in an institution and having work experience. The purpose of the program is to improve the quality of the institutional infrastructure and the experience that the candidates who have obtained during the master's degree in this field quality of experience who have obtained master's degree and ensure them to use their skills of management organization. The program, given a variety of courses, ends up with a thesis the following years. Besides the theoretical courses with updated content, Management and Organization PhD program consists of the courses aiming to enrich the students' point of view. Regarding courses, the analysis of case studies and research projects come into prominence