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Accounting and Tax Applications Programme Associate's Degree, TYYÇ: Level 5, QF-EHEA: Short Cycle, EQF-LLL: Level 5

General Information

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Accounting profession in today's Turkey is one of the professions given much importance and has a lot of working areas. Starting from the high school of Commerce, Accounting education continues with undergraduate/graduate education. Members may get profession by making the transition to the degree l license. The undergraduate programs that extend transition can be made from Accounting and Tax Applications are; Banking, Finance and Insurance, Labor Economics and Industrial Relations, Business, Business Information Management, Logistics Management, Health Care Institutions, Business Management, Capital markets, Insurance and Risk Management, International Finance, International Business. Graduates can get the titrle of ‘Certified Financial Consultant ‘ or’ certified public accountant’ by passing the exams organized in different cities. As a result, although the long-term development of our students in this program will continue, it will open the doors to a successful life. Corporations also diversified structures with the changes in the International financial reporting Standards (IFRS),the international standards of auditing and Valuation and the accounting concepts with new radical Turkish Commercial Law. Reporting system which is one of the basic elements of Accounting has changed and increased the importance of the area of Accounting control as a result of this diversification . In addition provide acquisition of in-depth professional competence in the field of accounting Control which has emerged as a new area of expertise in our country.